Cavallo de Corsa | Ferrari Owners Charitable Foundation | Volume IV


The Artist | Christopher Martin


Jackson Pollock once said, "Every good painter paints what he is.” Christopher Martin embodies this statement. As a painter, philanthropist, and family man fond of the outdoors, the palpable qualities of his personality shine through in his work as clearly as the sun reflecting off snow in winter.

At his home in Aspen, with a serene backdrop of coniferous trees, crisp air, and expansive outdoor spaces, Martin’s creative muse is the natural beauty of the land and nature itself. For Martin, passionate with his words when describing his work, inspiration comes in many forms, expressed in ethereal works of equal diversity.

“My work has been referred to as ‘organic expressionism,’ so nature has a profound aesthetic influence on my painting. If a work is successful to me it must look as much formed by nature as it was painted by hand… My Halo series evokes the droplets of rain landing on in the calmness of a
pond. Another series, Kavala, is inspired by the shadows that branches cast on the snow; Vireo, by watching the spiraling dives of raptors from the deck of my studio; and Luna is inspired by the feminine lines of a woman and the color of the moon.”