16 to 10 ft. Long

8 x 8 ft. Square

About 8 ft. Height 

7 x 7 ft. Square

About 7 ft. Height

6 x 6 ft. Square

About 6 ft. Height

5 x 5 ft. Square

About 5 ft. Height

About 5 ft Height by 8ft. Long

About 8 ft. Landscape

About 5-7 Ft. Landscape

4 to 3 ft. Square

About 4 ft. Height

40-48 in. Diameter

30-38 in. Diameter

20-28 in. Diameter

16 in. Square




These are some completed installation shots for works in private collections.

If you have an image of the space where you envisioned the artwork please submit to our team and we will be pleased to produce renderings featuring the artwork of your choice.

You can also download the Christopher Martin App from the Apple Store and see the available inventory displayed on your walls on three easy steps: Snap a picture of the wall, choose the artwork, and superimpose. You can save your favorites and email them from the app.


Chris' head shot 2016 BW.jpg

A self-taught artist, Martin coaxes layers of sheer pigment and water to achieve his vision ~ harnessing brushes, wind, heat, and gravity.

Describing his technique, of painting in reverse on acrylic panels, Christopher says, "Every layer of paint has a high influence on the one behind it as opposed to a flat covering stroke. It’s often around thirty layers of paint that fuse together."

Finding inspiration in nature has fueled his motivation. "When you observe the veining in a slab of marble, they are all inherently poetic and attuned to the laws of abstraction. Being surrounded by these natural masterpieces in Colorado is a constant source of inspiration.”