Gregory’s path to a finished piece most often employs cast, molded, forming, and fusing techniques that enable the final gesture to be in constant play between motion and gravity.


"A first impression of Gregory Price’s work reveals new gestures in the realm of contemporary sculpture, and specifically to those artists working with glass. Gregory considers himself a sculptor and not a glass artist. Glass is but one of the numerous mediums that he works with. 

Price’s work is a perfect complement to the paintings of Christopher Martin created in the gilded glass technique. The body of work shown at Shared Elements, their first exhibition together, shows mastery of medium and stunning abstractions that challenge the viewer to deduct the artistic process. 

These works take significant time and resources to complete and present. The juxtaposition of the perceived delicate nature of glass is magnified in Gregory’s sculpture – as all of his works present beautifully and often with individual armatures".


Timothy Harman | Santa Fe Gallery Director





Born in Orange, California in 1983, Gregory graduated from the University of Hawaii with a BA in Art in 2007. He later earned a MFA in sculpture from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2012. Gregory currently lives and works in Santa Ana California. Gregory is the son of renowned sculptor Bret Price and is carrying on the family tradition with magnificence.




My work revolves around a current theme of escalation, both in the human fabricated and natural worlds. The human race finds itself at a volatile turning point in our development. It is this precarious potential that informs my sculpture. The process of stacking layers echoes the escalation of our societal direction, with each additional deposit adding more pressure on the entire system.

I aspire to push the material to its threshold, cementing a feeling of vulnerability in the finished piece.

Navigating freely amongst both the natural and the fabricated environment, guided systems of manipulation reveal intimate interactions. Fascinated by intuitive exploration, material and space are observed with a perspective of possibility, allowing failure and success to exist simultaneously.Within the manipulation of a familiar material, knowledge of these forces creates a subtly leveraged engagement. Involving explorations of perspective, parallels are drawn to the experiment we affectionately label society.

Recent work investigates abstract concepts of distortion, restriction, pressure, and expulsion.


- Gregory Price





2012-  Tulane University, New Orleans, MFA

2007-  University of Hawaii at Manoa, BA




2017-  Christopher Martin Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2015-  Logan Gallery, Santa Ana, CA

2014-  Logan Gallery, Santa Ana, CA

2014-  Santora Gallery, Santa Ana, CA

2012-  Carrol Gallery. New Orleans, LA

2010-  Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art. Fort Collins, CO.

2009-  Gallery Moda, Santa Fe, NM

2009-  Ralonia Gallery, Long Beach, CA

2008-  Shaw Gallery, Marina Del Ray, CA




2017-  Christopher Martin Gallery, Aspen, CO

2017- Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA

2016-  Lee n Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2014-  F+ Gallery, Santa Ana, CA

2012-  The Crucible.  Oakland, CA

2012-  Display Gallery. Anaheim, CA

2012-  The Front. New Orleans, LA

2011-  Lange Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2011-  “Palette to Palette”, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA

2009-   FCA of Long Beach, Orange, CA

2008-   Shaw Gallery, Marina del Ray, CA

2008-   Gallery Moda, Santa Fe, NM

2007-   Shaw Gallery, Marina del Ray, CA

2006-   Mark’s Garage, Honolulu, HI

2005-   Shaw Gallery, Marina Del Ray, CA




2006-  “Abunai” accepted into the Dayton Art Institutes permanent collection.




2017-  California State University Fullerton

2011-  Talasiga Sculpture Center, Taveuni, Fiji

2012-  Tulane University, New Orleans, MFA

2007-  University of Hawaii at Manoa, BA